Photos of iPhone 5 Battery Leak to the Web, Reveal Incremental Bump in Capacity

Part by part, pieces and photos of Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 model keep leaking to the Web, and the latest pre-release glimpse is supposedly that of the battery pack that will power the device. The new battery is said to feature a slight bump in capacity to 1440 mAh, up from 1430 mAh in the iPhone 4S and 1420 mAh in the iPhone 4.

The battery also sports a slightly higher voltage at 3.8V compared to 3.7V in both previous iPhone devices (4S and 4), along with an increased watts-per-hour (wHr) measurement. The new battery for the iPhone 5 is rated at 5.45 wHr, whereas the one in the iPhone 4S is rated at 5.25 wHr and the one in the iPhone 4 at 5.25 wHr.

Apple iPhone 5 Battery Packs
Image Source: 9to5Mac

It will be interesting to see how battery life plays out in real-world usage scenarios. If the rumors and speculation are true, the iPhone 5 will boast a bigger size touchscreen than any previous iPhone model, along with 4G LTE support. Both of these will drain battery life faster than ever before, though depending on what other tweaks and hardware end up in the iPhone 5, Apple could offset the increased power requirements in other ways.