PhotoFast's G-Monster SSD Has 64MB Of Cache

PhotoFast may not be a household name in North America, but it may be soon given its freshest line of solid state drives. Over in Japan, the company has announced the impeccably titled G-Monster SSDV4 SLC Series, a lineup which includes 32GB and 64GB models. Both variants promise read speeds of up to 270MB/sec and write speeds of up to 170MB/sec, but those figures aren't what is most interesting.

Unlike most other SSDs and HDDs, these two will include 64MB of internal cache; not that such a number is completely unheard of, but it's certainly not standard fare at this point. PhotoFast has also stated a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 1.5 million hours for the 2.5" SATA SSDs, so longevity definitely shouldn't be an issue. Right now, we're only told of the Japanese prices, which are 46,800 Yen for the 32GB model (around $479) and 84,800 Yen (around $868) for the 64GB model. As expected, a 128GB model is planned for release later in the year.