PhotoFast's CR-7100 Puts 4 MicroSDHCs In CF Card

With adapters coming out faster than we could ever keep track of, it's not often that we take time to point one out in particular. But this is just too handy to pass on. PhotoFast, a company based in Japan and known more for its SSD solutions than anything else, has just issued one of the most amazing adapters we have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

The CR-7100 MicroSDHC-to-CompactFlash converter is pretty easy to understand. It's a CF card, but rather than having internal storage, it has four MicroSDHC slots that enable users to shove up to four of their MicroSDHC cards in to use as storage. What that means is that you can put up to 4 x 16GB insider a CF card, and you won't have to pay a boat load of cash for a 64GB CF card. Instead, you can use up some of those spare MicroSDHC cards you've got laying around from that old smartphone that you never use any more. Nifty, don't you agree?