Philips DesignLine TV: A Bezel-Free Sheet of Glass HDTV That Leans Against Your Wall

Philips is making a big splash in the HDTV market with the Philips DesignLine TV, which looks like just a large piece of glass with an incredibly thin “TV surface” taped on. (Yes, taped.) There’s no bezel, no body, and if the promotional photos and video are to be believed, no cables or wires. (We’re guessing the latter will show up when you install one of these in your home.)

To say that the new Philips DesignLine TV is “striking” or “beautiful” is to almost do the design and engineering teams a disservice. It really just looks like a solid sheet of glass, and they added a bit of gradient color that gives the unit a bit of shape and form. The gradient is actually screen printed on the glass, which is rather clever.

Note that there’s ambient lighting around the edge of the TV, which is certainly attractive but is ultimately rather distracting. The DesignLine will come in 46- and 55-inch models, and the LED displays are full HD with immersive 3D Max (active 3D). Thanks to integrated WiFi (where on earth did they put that?), users can share content to and from the TV via SimplyShare.

Philips DesignLine TV

Although the initial concept was a plate of glass that leans against the wall, Philips also offers ways for you to stand it up straight or hang it from a wall, too.

Philips DesignLine TV

There’s no word yet on price, additional specifications, or how quickly your children will break it, but Philips says that the DesignLine TVs are ready for mass production.