Peugeot Holds Car Concept Design Contest

There's something about the machine.  Some folks have a passion for things that fly, while others, an affinity for things that float.  However, nearly everyone, young, old, male, female, can appreciate a seriously stylish ride.  It's probably somewhere within those four wheels, that freedom speaks.  Perhaps your inner child, in adolescent transition from being house-bound and ever-reliant on your parents, yearns for the excitement that only a new automobile can bring.  From Little Red Corvette, to Mustang Sally, Little Deuce Coupe, Low Rider and Bitchin' Camaro, over the years folks have sung the praises of the automobile and there is little question, its appeal seems timeless.  Lately of course, all the rage seems to be fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. 

That's all well and good but we'd beg the question; why on earth do they all have to look like bubbles with four wheels under them?  Does aerodynamics really mean we have to completely sacrifice all sense of style and function?  Not to mention, some of us actually like to kick back and be comfortable when we're eating up road.  Regardless, Peugeot seems to have the right idea and has held a contest to get a few ideas.  Though some of the entrants haven't caught on just yet, perhaps...

Create a Concept Car which is designed to evolve within the cities of the future, whilst retaining the key values of the 21st century. The projects should bear Peugeot's stylistic codes and must contain the following four aspects included in this design competition: environmental awareness, social harmony, interactive mobility and economic efficiency.

Becoming ever Greener is not only the mindset of the contemporary customers, it is also the philosophy of most manufacturers...  It is in this context that Peugeot Blade is born. Meant for pure driving enjoyment, the car is also a technological marvel. Powered by Electricity, and having a electric motor in each wheel compartment, it serves to provide clean but powerful propulsion for the owner...  The major design stroke however, is the pronounced positioning of a wind turbine at the rear of the car, serving to create curiosity and making a statement for its Green endeavors. The cabin body is designed to curve inwards towards the back of the cabin, such as to direct moving air into the empty space in between the rear pods that will serve to create a venturi to accelerate air towards the Wind turbine - Maximizing natural forces to create energy.

You've just got to be jonesing for a car with a propeller on that back.  And who wouldn't, especially since it generates energy for your ride as motor up Rte. 66 to get your kicks?  Some of the other entries weren't as awe-inspiring though...

What the?  What is that a Pikachu with wheels?  Get real, please... Rayo, on the other hand, looks pretty bad-ass...

Basically, it's a two-seater powered by hybrid engine. Car is equipped with hi-tech gadgets, such as cameras, touch-screen controls, self cleaning glass etc.  Materials used in this hybrid are carbon fibre, aluminium and polyurethane.

At least a few people have a clue it seems.  Kudos to Peugeot for inspiring a "crowd-sourced" car design with their contest.  Perhaps other car companies should sit up and take note?  We pretty much had to beat Chevy over the head to get them to ship the Volt, didn't we?

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