Petition to Save XP Now Tops 100K

InfoWorld's petition to save Windows XP has picked up steam, and not only is now over 111K signatures, but also has attracted the attention of mainstream media.

InfoWorld, a publication that covers the information technology industry, launched a “Save Windows XP” petition drive in January. Microsoft originally planned to stop selling XP to retailers and computer manufacturers at the end of 2007, but extended that deadline to this June 30.

Galen Gruman, executive editor of InfoWorld, said the petition drive was partly the result of his talks over the past year with companies’ chief technology officers and IT managers. Most were unenthusiastic about moving from XP to Vista, and found “no compelling reason” to do so, he said.

“We kept hearing, ‘We don’t really want to do it; we don’t really see the benefit; we don’t really want to spend the money on new hardware to run the stuff and train our staff on a new interface.’”

Yes, yes, you can still ign the petition. Unless you have one of the ULCPCs, you can expect XP to disappear on June 30th.
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