Peter Molyneux's 'Godus' God Game Now On Steam Early Access

Old school gamers can remember playing the part of God in the game Populous, a classic title developed by Peter Molyneux for Bullfrog way back in 1989. Sequels would follow and Molyneux would eventually win over a new generation of gamers to the god genre with the release of Black & White in 2001. Continuing with a favorite theme of his, the legendary game developer is nearing completion on Godus, another god simulator that's now available through Steam Early Access for $20.

"Well here it is, Early Access Beta of Godus. First of all thank you for downloading the game," Molyneux states on the game's Steam page. "Our reason for using early access is so that we can get as many of you to play the game and for us to learn from what you enjoy and hate. In that way over the coming months develop Godus into a GREAT game, that is our passion!

"We are continuing to work very hard and hope to have an update out as soon as possible. Thank you for your belief and patience."


Yes, you're paying for beta code, though you'll also receive any subsequent updates plus the finished game at no additional cost. In essence, you're buying the complete game beforehand and being offered an early look, as well as the chance to offer up feedback that could impact the finished product.

In any event, Godus empowers you as a virtual god, allowing you to sculpt the world as you see fit. As more followers believe in you, the more powerful you become. You'll have a variety of powers to wield, and if you choose, you can venture past your own world and battle other gods and their civilizations.