"Pentium 2 Equivalent" Now 500 Times Smaller

Let’s go back ten years in time. Ten years ago, in 1997, Intel’s Pentium 2 processor was launched and was a big hit since it was so “fast” at the time, ranging from speeds of about 200 MHz all the way up to 400 some-odd MHz. Of course we have come a long way, and our computers have evolved into much more powerful and compact machines. Nonetheless there’s a new computer that gives us a measure of just how far we’ve actually come.

Picture a fully functional computer that measures 2 inches cubed (about 5cm cubed). Yes, it’s approximately the size of a small rubik’s cube, and is over 500 times smaller than the average midtower, in terms of volume that is. This new computer, which they call the “Space Cube” was designed by Japanese company Shimafuji.
"The Space Cube puts virtually all essential features into a device slightly larger than two inches cubed. Ethernet networking, a VGA display port for visuals up to 1024x768, USB, and audio input as well as output are all included. Storage is handled by removable CF cards, allowing the Cube to expand or even replace data altogether over time. 16MB of permanent flash memory helps store essentials."
As for performance, the basic Space Cube starts at 200MHz of processing power (64-bit RISC-based) and 64MB of RAM. More advanced models can go up to 300MHz. However, pricing and availability outside of Japan is not yet known.
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