PENTAX Introduces the X70 Megazoom

Sporting a 24X optical zoom lens, the new PENTAX X70 Megazoom has definitely earned its “Megazoom” name. With a 26mm - 624mm (35mm equivalent) zoom range, the X70 is capable of wide-angle to super-telephoto shots. In addition, the camera’s Super Macro mode lets you take close-up shots, with the ability to focus as close as 0.4 inches from the lens.

This 12 megapixel camera targets intermediate to advanced photographers who want more form and function than a compact camera is able to provide, but who don’t want the size, weight, and expense of a DSLR.

With aperture/shutter priority and metered manual modes, the X70 offers powerful shooting options typically found on a DSLR. The camera also incorporates three Share Reduction technologies (Mechanical Shake Reduction via a CCD shift mechanism, Digital Shake Reduction via high ISO, and Movie Shake Reduction for blur-free video capture) to help reduce subject blur.  These three technologies enable a camera-shake compensation effect that is roughly equivalent to three shutter steps.


The X70 can deliver high-speed continuous shooting at 11 fps. This camera is also capable of capturing HD movies in widescreen 720p at 15 fps as well as full speed 848x480, VGA, and QVGA resolutions. To review photos or videos, you can see them on the camera’s 2.7 inch LCD that has approximately 230,000 dots of resolution. The X70 also has an electronic viewfinder for easy composition and review in bright lighting conditions. You can view the camera’s menus and functions via the electronic viewfinder as well.

For portrait situations, the X70 uses face detection technology that can detect up to 32 faces in just 0.03 seconds. The camera also has Smile Capture and Blink Detection.

The PENTAX X70 will ship in April for $399.95.