Pentagon’s Top Supplier Lockheed Martin Notes Cyber Attacks Increasing, More Sophisticated

The good news is that Lockheed Martin, the U.S. government’s largest IT provider and the group that runs the military cyber center, apparently has a heavily fortified cyber border around itself and has been able to withstand serious cyber attacks.

The bad news is that those attacks are increasing in number and complexity, according to Lockheed vice president and chief information security officer Chandra McMahon. About 20% of the attacks are “advanced persistent threats” launched by nation states and other groups.

Inside the Department of Defense's Cyber Crime Center (DC3)

Further, although Lockheed Martin seems to be in good shape in terms of defense, its suppliers are not as robust, and cyber criminals have been targeting the lower-hanging fruit.

However, McMahon indicated to Reuters that the company has learned that it needs to share data and push its cybersecurity technologies and services to defense sector groups and suppliers to help thwart the onslaught. Of course, these measures will make Lockheed Martin more money, but it’s likely that the extra cyber protection is well worth it.