Penguin Launches 'Istanbul'-Based Servers

AMD shot its Istanbul Opteron chip out like a cannon to lead June off, and now we're seeing Penguin Computing pick it up as an integral part of its Altus Series products. If you've never heard of this company, it's because they aren't' exactly consumer-level. Instead, this outfit focuses on high performance computing solutions, and its Altus 1701 and Altus 2701 dual-processor enterprise servers are now available with six-core Opteron CPUs.

In fact, this chip can also be fitted into the Altus 1702 twin-node HPC cluster server and the Altus 2704 quad processor enterprise server, and if you're hunting specifics, you'll find options for the Opteron 2400 and 8400 series processors. Penguin's new Altus servers provide 50% more processor cores compared to previous Altus models, as well as increased memory and I/O bandwidth, due to the HyperTransport Assist feature. Similar to other Penguin Computing servers, the new Altus 1701, Altus 1702, Altus 2701 and Altus 2704 servers provide management and serviceability features to support large HPC cluster deployments and mission critical enterprise applications.

These new Penguin Altus servers are available immediately, and we get the impression that we'll be seeing lots more Opteron-based machines in the very near future.