Peek Issuing Peek 9 Handhelds To Those With Connection Issues

There probably aren't as many Peek handhelds in use as there are BlackBerry devices. Or iPhones. Or Android smartphones. But quite a few are out there, and the company has managed to build a rather loyal following. The Peek Pronto and Peek Classic were both hits back in their day (to some extent, anyway), and in particular when sold with "lifetime" service plans. That plan was for the life of the device, but what happens when service dies for good... even after you've paid for a lifetime service plan?

That's not a hypothetical question. Over the weekend, lots of older Peek devices hit a connectivity snag that now appears permanent. The official Peek blog has posted and confirmed the issue, but no details were given on why these Peek devices were seeing inescapable connection problems. But at least the company has a great solution on the ready: they'll be delivering the new Peek 9 to users who can no longer use their existing Peek. That's a brand new Peek that'll continue to work on your existing service plan.

Check your email (not on your Peek!) to see details if you're an existing customer, or drop them a line at Good luck getting swapped out.

Older Peeks offline. Time for Peek 9!

Lots of older Peeks (Prontos and Classics) starting whigging out (it’s a technical term) on Thursday. Unfortunately, one of the connectivity providers we were using went down for good. That’s the bad news.

We had designed them out of the new Peek 9 as it is. And we’ve been shipping off Peek 9s to delighted customers for the last few weeks.

So, in considering the situation of all these fried Peeks out there, we decided: let’s just give everyone a Peek 9 if they want one. So we have been doing it — and you can get one too.

We’ve been shipping thousands of Peeks the last few weeks. Our guys have never been so busy!

To get this offer from us – just check your email – you should have received about ten emails regarding it. Or email into for the details.
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