Peek 9 Is 9x Faster Than Pronto, More Flexible Than Ever

Early on, the Peek was an email-exclusive handheld device. The selling point was its simplicity, as it only did email and nothing more. It was simple in every respect. Somehow, Peek has now broaden their horizons by offering the Peek 9, which is said to be 9 times faster than the Peek Pronto and capable of many, many more tasks.

Over the years, Peek's devices have slowly but surely added features rather than simply refining the original formula. The guess was that some people wanted a simple way to check their email on the go, but communication has morphed so rapidly over the past few years that Peek has had to adopt Twitter and now Facebook in order to prevent being deemed irrelevant. After all, email is still very popular, but a lot of one-on-one communication happens over social networks now.

The Peek 9 also gains PeekMaps and support for an RSS reader, weather forecast and opening Word/PDF documents. The new handheld is priced at $69.99 or $99.99 with 2-months of contract-free service bundled in, with monthly rates running between $9.95/month and $19.95/month after that. So what's next? A Peek that calls?
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