Pebble Time Smartwatch App Hits iOS After Apple Blockade

Back in April, Apple gave us the impression that it considers Pebble to be a big threat to its own Apple Watch platform, as it began banning apps that merely mentioned the competition by name. To Apple's favor, that is something mentioned in the developer guidelines, but that doesn't make it any less sketchy.

After the collective Web made a massive stink about the situation, Apple admitted defeat and began enabling such apps on its store again. As we can see today, that's continued to prove true all the way up until the ultimate source, the maker of the competing smartwatches.

Pebble Time Smartwatch

On its Kickstarter page for the Pebble Time smartwatch, the company tells us that its accompanying iOS app is now available (it's simply called 'Pebble Time Watch'). Given the events of a few months ago, it's a little refreshing to see that the app was even allowed to be published. The folks behind Pebble don't take it for granted, and give thanks to where it's due: "It’s thanks to you, the one-million-and-growing community of Pebble users, developers, and fans that Pebble Time Watch is on the AppStore today. You carried this torch across the finish line. If only we could dish out a million-plus high fives to all of you."

Pebble even goes on to give thanks to Apple, for honoring its fans that enjoy both its own products, as well as Apple's. "We’re glad to have Apple be a part of Pebble’s journey then, now, and into the future." I am not so sure Apple would feel the same way!