Apple Pinky Swears To Stop Rejecting iOS Apps That Work With Pebble Smartwatches

The Apple Watch and Pebble Smartwatch are on opposite ends of the wrist wearable spectrum in just about every way, but lest you think Apple isn't at least a little bit threatened by its lower cost competition, think again. That much was evident when Apple cited a technicality in its rules that allowed it to block apps that said they were compatible with Pebble.

One of those apps was SeaNav, which allows you to explore, plan, and navigate your boating trips in real time using the latest Digital Vector Marine charts in high resolution. The developers updated the app in part to add some special features that run exclusively on Apple Watch devices, but it was rejected by Apple because it mentions support for the Pebble Smartwatch.

Pebble Time

In a letter to the developers, Apple cites rule 3.1 -- "Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected." Apple offered an expanded explanation in the letter.

"We noticed that your app or its metadata contains irrelevant platform information in the app. Providing future platform compatibility plans, or other platform references, is not appropriate for the App Store. Specifically, your app and app description declare support the Pebble Smartwatch," Apple stated in its letter.

Other apps were denied for the same reason and predictably the Internet (rightfully so) made a stink about it. After a few days went by, Apple reversed course.


"Good news. Apple rang me directly late last night U.K. time at Pocket Mariner, apologized for rejecting our app in error and immediately approved our SeaNav app for sale," a SeaNav developer stated.

The Apple Watch is now available to order starting at $349 and going for as much as $17,000. Adding an AppleCare+ protection plan can add up to an additional $1,500, depending on the model. Meanwhile, Pebble is gearing up to launch its new Pebble Time model in a few weeks, while its Classic model goes for $99.