Pebble App Store Arrives On Google Play For Android

A month ago, Pebble announced that its app store was going to be available within its iOS and Android app, and after a delay, the Android version is now available in addition to the iOS version.

You can simply snag the Pebble app store app from Google Play and use it to browse for and download watchfaces and other Pebble apps. For instance, Pebble has a few new app partners in eBay, Evernote, and Time Warner Cable.

Pebble Android App Store

The announcement about the app store availability included a note that Pebble smartwatches now get Pebble for Android 2.0, too.

Pebble Evernote app
Pebble Evernote app

Pebble is making strong progress with its product offerings. With this release, the Pebble App Store is available on the two dominant mobile platforms, and there are two generations of Pebble smartwatches available. The original costs $150, and the new “classier” Pebble Steel will run you $249.