Black Ops II Revolution DLC Map Pack Shipping to PC and PS3 on February 28

Don't believe anyone who tells you the Revolution won't be televised, that's a bunch of hogwash. The Revolution is going to be on televisions all over the place, especially starting February 28, 2013, which is when Activision plans to release the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC map pack for PC and PlayStation 3 (PS3).

Revolution is the first map pack for Black Ops II, and it holds little back featuring a bunch of new contents and four brand new multiplayer maps, including:
  • Hydro: Located in Pakistan, this hydro-electric plant comes complete with a lethal spillway that floods with very little warning.
  • Grind: Set in a skate park in Venice Beach (the birthplace of skateboarding!), quarter-pipes and curved surfaces drive players away from easy cover and into intense firefights.
  • Downhill: A ski resort in the French Alps, this snowy map is complete with a moving gondola system that can both offer cover and crush you to death.
  • Mirage: Located in China's Gobi Desert, this luxury resort has been ravaged by a sandstorm.

Black Ops II DLC

Yes folks, there will be zombies as well. In the new map Die Rise, players are dropped inside a maze of deteriorating skyscrapers and are tasked with making a stand against a zombie hoard. In addition, Revolution's new zombies mode, "Turned," allows players to play as a zombie.

The standalone map pack will run $14.99, or gamers can purchase the Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Season Pass for $49.99.