Patriot's 12GB DDR3-1600 Viper Extreme Kit, What The Pros Use

If you're an enthusiast, there's a high likelihood you're enjoying the primary benefit of 64-bit computing, that being gobs of memory space to work or play with.  We do a bit of heavy lift around these parts, crunching video and the like, and at the end of the day it literally pays to have a lot of memory at our disposal.  Most times, heavy-duty multitasking isn't just a requirement, it's more like attention deficit disorder; yeah we probably need to seek help but what a way to go.  Regardless, 12GB systems are becoming commonplace in the lab now here at HH and with a triple-channel X58 setup, filling up all six of those memory slots with 2GB sticks just seems impractical and inefficient.  So, what's a good gear-head to do? Install three 4GB sticks of course.

Patriot Memory recently sent in their latest low latency Viper Extreme series offering and it's safe to say these should get the job done for just about any high-end build.  Sure, there are faster kits available (these are 1600MHz sticks we're working with) but we had a hankerin' for tighter latency timings.  For a 12GB kit, 8-9-8-24 isn't too shabby at a blistering 1.6GHz.

  • PC3-12800 (1600MHz) - 12GB, 3x4GB Tri-Channel
  • Low Latency (8-9-8-24)
  • Voltage: 1.65V
  • XMP Ready
  • Equipped with an extruded aluminum shield build around a copper core to provide improved cooling
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Tested on Intel® X58 chipset w/ Intel® Core i7 CPUs

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So far so good with initial testing of these bad boys and loading down six memory slots is no longer a requirement.  Not everyone needs this kind of system memory capacity but if you do, this is definitely a kit to consider.  NewEgg has them in stock now for $209 with a free 16GB USB Flash drive for a limited time.