Part 7 of the Multi-GPU World Tour

The latest installment (Part 7) of the Multi-GPU World Tour is on-line today at LegitReviews. This article details the performance of six different ATI and NVIDIA multi-GPU configurations at the low, mid, and high-end of the markets. As you'll see, ATI's low and mid-range offerings don't fare very well against NVIDIA's. However, at the high-end, ATI actually pulled ahead in the majority of the tests.

"Now, on to our experiences with the hardware. First and foremost I can't help but be impressed at just how easy to set up and well mannered the SLI systems are. You just pop in the cards, install the driver, click the balloon to enable SLI and you're off and running. While CrossFire is an extremely competitive platform it is still not to the level of SLI in user friendliness."


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