Pantech Link Brings Another Messaging Phone To AT&T

Do you love cheap? Who doesn't, right? As nice as today's smartphones are, they're still pretty expensive, and to be honest, not everyone uses them enough to really take advantage of the $30/month data plan. That's why texting and feature phones exist, and Pantech's latest is pretty robust considering the price. Launching this week on AT&T, the new Link is now available to users in the U.S.

It's being added to the carrier's line of quick messaging phones, offering a full QWERTY keyboard, an ultra-thin chassis (under 10mm), and a whole suite of AT&T services including AT&T Social Net and the new AT&T Mobile Share. The Link is obviously one of the slimmest phones on the market, and it sure looks a lot like some of last year's Nokia phones. It also boasts a 1.3MP CMoS camera, support for music playback, 3G, AT&T Address Book along with black/blue accents.

It'll be available for "a limited time" at $9.99 after rebate and a 2-year cnotract, but a voice plan + minimum $20 per month messaging or messaging and data plan are required. Hey, no one said staying connected was cheap, just the hardware itself.

Link incorporates key features that help do it all:

  • Ultra Thin Design – Measuring under 10mm, Link slides discreetly into the pocket of a favorite pair of jeans or summer button-down.
  • Quick Access to Messages – A full QWERTY keyboard helps send a wide range of messages in seconds – stay in touch with friends via text, email, picture mail, video messages, email, and IMs.
  • Easy Contact Management – AT&T Address Book is a service that allows users to manage and backup contacts via the Web at no additional cost.
  • Web and Social Media @ 3G – Browse the Web at the speed of 3G, while using AT&T Mobile Share to view and upload photos to any number of social networking sites in one place.
  • Music: Manage it – Use the onboard song equalizer to adjust the levels of music files, make and manage playlists using Napster® and eMusic® through AT&T Music.
  • Video and Camera – An integrated 1.3MP CMoS camera incorporates a range of customizable resolutions and picture taking controls.