Pandora Prances Into the Living Room with a Specialized TV App

Millions of music lovers have discovered Pandora, the streaming music service that serves up tunes it thinks you'll dig based on your listening preferences. Having found a home on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Pandora now wants to take residence on your big screen television, hence the launch of, which is essentially a new user interface designed specifically for flat screen TVs.

"This is an entirely new experience designed from the ground up for your television and remote control," Pandora stated in a blog post. "This new initiative is standards-based and embraces next generation TV, game console, and set top box architectures that support open web standards."

Pandora TV

Pandora TV is currently accessible via the Xbox 360's browser. From there, you can log in and listen to your stations, browse new ones, and enjoy the overall Pandora experience but with a UI that's designed specifically for large screen TVs. Perhaps more importantly, Pandora may be setting the stage for music videos, though that's purely speculation on our part.