Pandora Gives iPad App a Makeover as iTunes Radio Shows Its Face in iOS 7

While console gamers called in sick to work today so they could stay home and steal cars in Grand Theft Auto V, Pandora chose to put its nose to the grindstone and revamp its mobile app for the iPad, and perhaps perform a little thievery of its own, such as stealing some thunder away from Apple's iTunes Radio debut in iOS 7.

Some have dubbed iTunes Radio a Pandora killer, but Pandora has no intention of going down without a fight (or at all). Pandora 5.0 for iPad introduces a host of new features while at the same time enhancing and optimizing the streaming music and discovery experience for the larger iPad screen size, the company says.

"We’re on a constant mission to provide our listeners with the best possible listening experience – across all devices – so this new Pandora for iPad app includes a number of updates as a direct response to what our listeners told us they wanted most," Pandora state in a blog post.

Pandora 5.0

Pandora said it significantly upgraded its core functionality in the latest version, such as adding variety to a station with artist suggestions and viewing station details. Listeners can now explore more about the artist or album that is currently playing, giving them deeper music discovery and exploration, as well as easily purchase tracks from iTunes through enriched artist pages.

The streaming music service also enhanced the social side of things. You can share a song or station on Facebook and Twitter, and it's also bringing its Music Feed service over to the iPad. Music Feed is already available on the web, iPhone, iPod, and Android phones, but it's new to the iPad.

Pandora 5.0 for iPad is available now.