Panasonic's World's Largest HD Video Board Unveiled At NC Raceway

World records are fun, aren't they? Particularly when you're talking about the world record for something as awe-inspiring as the planet's largest high-definition video board. Those that have watched a Cowboys game recently know just how giant the HD video display is that hangs within the confines of the new Cowboys Stadium, but it'll be NASCAR fans gawking at the largest. Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the world’s largest high definition video board for a spin this week at Charlotte Motor Speedway, by taking virtual laps around the 1.5-mile track using an iRacing simulator.

Marcus Smith, president and general manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway, invited Earnhardt Jr., an avid video gamer, to show off his skills on the giant HD video board. For its operational debut, Smith and Earnhardt Jr. used an oversized remote to power on the 200 foot-wide, 80 foot-tall HD video board, created by Panasonic, to reveal a highlight video of past racing action at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Today’s event signaled the completion of the Panasonic HD video board project, which took up to 57 workers a day, working more than 11,000 man hours, more than four months to construct. The 332-and-a-half-ton structure is the largest HD video board in the world. The 158 panels that make up the face of the board’s screen will be illuminated by nine million LED lamps during select events at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Those are some mighty impressive specifications, but we're sure nothing beats seeing it in person. If you ever needed a reason to visit Charlotte, here you go.
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