Panasonic's SC-NT10 Bluetooth Speaker Can Take a Serious Bruising

At a glance, the item shown here looks a lot like a Roomba automated vacuum cleaner. Turns out, that's not the case. It's a new Panasonic speaker, and it's more rugged than you may think. The SC-NT10 Portable Wireless Speaker System is designed to be used at pool parties the world over this summer, and because of its support for Bluetooth streaming, you just need a phone or tablet nearby to send the sound waves without a tether.

Four "tough" performance traits allow for the Panasonic SC-NT10 to be used in nearly any outdoor setting. The device is Splash Proof, which enables use near water areas like the pool or beach; Dust Proof, making it well suited for areas such as sandy beaches; Shock Proof, (passing drop tests from a maximum of 30 inches) which allows impact resistance during use in sports; and Freeze/ Heat Proof*4 which allows for the device to withstand severe climates, such as hot days under the scorching sun and cold winters on the ski slopes.

It also supports NFC, so you can tap-and-go if there's no immidiate water danger. The Panasonic SC-NT10 operates on a rechargeable battery that operates continuously for up to eights hours. Users can also charge their smartphone or tablet device directly from the SC-NT10's USB port. It'll ship in Orange/Black and Blue/Black in the fall of 2013 with an SRP of $99.99.