Panasonic Still Pushing Plasma, Adds 3D Capability

Like the Boston Celtics (put a sock in it, Lakers fans), Plasma technology refuses to whither away quietly, no matter what fancy new technologies (like LED-backlit displays) try to takes its place. Don't believe it? Try telling that to Panasonic, which has just announced a pair of new large screen 3D Plasma displays, the 3D Viera TH-P46VT2 (46-inch) and 3D Vieria TH-P42VT2 (42-inch).

Other than the size, the specs appear identical, at least from what we can translate from Panasonic Japan's press release. Both sets require that you don a pair of active shutter system 3D glasses, which is pretty much a requirement for all large screen 3D sets now and in the immediate future.

Panasonic rates the displays with a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio and both offer DLNA support, Skype compatibility, HDMI connectors, SD card slot, video-on-demand support, and a bunch of other goodies.

Brush up on your Japanese (or hit the Translate button) and get the full low-down here.