Palm to Announce "Pixie" This Week: Report

The adjunct to the Palm Pre is to be officially announced this week, according to sources speaking to TechCrunch. The new phone, with a QWERTY keyboard, was leaked before the Pre even launched on Sprint, as an AT&T device named EOS, and codenamed "Pixie."

If this is true, it's another case of Palm doing an important announcement / launch around the same time as an Apple event. When the Palm Pre launched it did so just days before Apple held WWDC and launched the iPhone 3GS. Curious timing, in effect.

Apple's annual music-focused event is on Wednesday.

Palm has never confirmed the existence of the Eos, but it's pretty much a given that it will be an AT&T device, and "mystery" Palm devices have been uncovered in both Verizon and Sprint's inventory systems.

The "Pixie" or Eos is expected to be less expensive, and perhaps more limited, than the Palm Pre, with the aforementioned (and visible, above) QWERTY keyboard and a price of around $99.

Based on the picture, it looks to have a Palm Centro or Palm Treo Pro keyboard. Let's hope it's the latter as that was a superior keyboard to the Centro, which left a lot to be desired.