Palm Releases Mojo SDK Beta For webOS

Developers and Palm Pre owners received some good news yesterday when Palm announced the public release of its Mojo Software Development Kit for the webOS platform. Palm also announced a new developer portal, Palm webOSdev. This portal has FAQs, forums, and all of the associated documentation for the SDK.

Palm plans to open the app submission process to all developers this fall. New applications are already in the pipeline thanks to Palm’s early access program. The initial response to Palm webOS apps from both developers and customers has been enthusiastic. In the initial beta stage, over 1.8 million apps were downloaded from the beta App Catalog. Palm says thousands of developers participated in the Mojo SDK early access program since it began in early April.

Palm is offering a few upcoming events for developers interested in learning more about Palm webOS and the Mojo SDK. These events include:

  • webOShelp is organizing a developer meet up at Palm’s Sunnyvale headquarters on July 28
  • preDevCamp, an informal network of Mojo developers, will host events in 73 cities around the world on August 8.
Additional opportunities to find out more about developing for Palm webOS can be found on the webOSdev portal.