Palm Pre BSP Launch Guide Leaks

What appears to be an official Sprint Palm Pre "Launch Guide" has now apparently been leaked in full. The first appearance of the document was at the Precentral forums, by a poster who said "The rep sent me a Pre Launch Guide intended for Sprint internal use only."

The 23-page document has a lot of what can only be called "advertising," but in addition, it has a great deal of interesting information.
  • Employees are our best advocates; however, due to anticipated high demand, employee availability will be delayed to first meet the needs of our customer base (we're guessing this would apply to Palm employees as well).
  • Employee Wireless Discounts and Wireless Advantage Club accounts are not eligible to purchase the Palm Pre at launch.
  • SERO customers will not be eligible to purchase the Palm Pre using their existing SERO plans. They will need to upgrade from the current SERO Plans to one of the Everything Plus plans.
  • Ten flagship stores will be hosting invitation-only VIP launch events on June 5.
  • The creation of a Palm Profile is required to use the phone -- there's no way around it. This is a one-time process that can be completed on the phone itself.
  • Users do not need to accept Google's terms of service to use the phone, but if they choose not to, GPS services will not be available.
  • You can sync to multiple Exchange accounts at once.
  • Users may synchronize to MULTIPLE exchange accounts on their Pre.
What synchronization capabilities are available with the Pre?
  • Calendar and Contacts Sync
  • 2-way synchronization of EAS calendar events and EAS Contact supported
  • Create/Update Calendar events on-the-go; contact meeting attendees with last-minute changes
  • GAL Support - Global address lookup support through e-mail and contacts apps
  • Inviting attendees to a meeting from the device is currently not supported
  • 2-way synchronization of tasks
What document support will be available with the Pre?
  • Dataviz Docs-to-Go shipping in ROM. Document viewing capabilities for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF
  • Document Editing will be available as after-market, third-party application by Dataviz Docs-to-Go. Timing TBD
If I lose my Pre, can I send a “kill pill” or do a “remote wipe” to it? Yes. Users can simply log onto their Palm Profile webpage and initiate a ‘remote erase’ command to their Pre.

In big bold letters: We Can't Afford to Sell the Pre to the Wrong Customers
You can download the full document here.