Own An EV? Google Maps Taps AI To Help You Find Charging Stations

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Electric vehicle owners will be seeing big quality of life changes in an updated Google Maps roll out over the next few weeks, with Google adding several features that aim to make charging an EV easier than ever. Pinpointing the exact location of a charger, in-depth charger information, and helpful trip planning will be part of the updates coming to Google Maps.

Finding the exact location of a charging station can be a challenge at times, and it’s an area where Google wants to make improvements. To better the situation the company says it will be “showing AI-powered summaries in Google Maps that describe a charger’s specific location based on helpful information from user reviews, so you can find exactly where to go.” Google will also be asking users to add charger specific information when leaving reviews, with the hopes of keeping data as up to date as possible.

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Chargers will also be showing up on Google Maps the same way other important locations are displayed. This will make it easy to quickly glance at the in-car map and know if there are any charging stations nearby while out and about. Google will also be including other useful details such as charging speed and port availability.

Google will be making trip planning, an exercise that can be stressful for some electric vehicle owners, easier than ever. Google Maps will now suggest charging stops, give users a forecast of energy consumption and will even provide a list of hotels with charging stations for longer road trips.

These updates are a big win for the electric vehicle industry. It will be helpful for existing owners who will be able get the most out of their cars, and will most likely ease the worries for prospective buyers nervous about switching to an electric vehicle.