Google Maps Adds AI Tools To Help Plot Your Dream Vacation Itinerary

google maps summer hero
With the summer vacation season right around the corner, Google is updating Google Maps with new features so users can make the perfect travel plans. The company says that it’s “introducing updates to Google Maps that make it easier to find inspiration, share travel recommendations, and really get a feel for a place before you visit.” A refreshing new look is also in store for the service, better matching the good vibes of summer.

Users will now be able to see “The Trending List” that Google says will display a list of locations that have seen a spike in visitors, helping highlight new hot spots. Meanwhile, “The Top List” will be full of places that remain favorites of the community, ensuring visitors are aware of an area’s tried and true spots. Of course, this type of update wouldn’t be complete without “The Gems List” where users can see locations that might be overlooked by visitors.

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These new lists are all based on what the community is recommending, however, Google will also have lists from companies known for travel advice. Google says that some of the lists will come from “the Infatuation’s expert-curated restaurants, Lonely Planet’s guides to iconic sites and hidden gems, The New York Times’ 36 Hours itineraries, and OpenTable's guides to the best new restaurants.”

For users who decide to take a spontaneous road trip, Google will be leveraging AI to quickly provide useful information when a user pulls up a place on Maps. The service will display photos and reviews of restaurants, show information pulled from the menu, how much it costs to eat there, and provide other information such as if an establishment is vegan or vegetarian friendly.

This is a perfectly timed update to Maps, with some great features. Getting a mix of community lists along with list from established travel advice services is a nice touch. Now let’s hope that gas prices stay low so everyone can get the most out of the summer travel season.