OWC Rolls Out Mercury Electra 6Gb/s SSD Line

If you don't own a fast solid state drive built to take advantage of the SATA 6Gb/s interface, it's not from lack of options. There are plenty of high-speed options out there, and the latest to jump on the SATA 6Gb/s SSD bandwagon is Other World Computing (OWC), which just announced its SandForce-driven Mercury Electra 6G SSD line.

With the Fourth of July coming up, OWC makes it a point to note that these blue-colored drives are "designed and built in the USA utilizing the highest quality components available, including Tier 1/Grade A NAND." What it all translates into are read and write speeds of up to 556MB/s and 523MB/s, respectively.

"We're very excited to continue the evolution of our solid state drive line with this new Electra model," said Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. "We're being very aggressive in pricing this model to appeal to consumers and prosumers who have yet to make the SSD switch. With over 500MB/s of highly reliable performance, the OWC Mercury Electra 6G helps Mac and PC owners make their machines quickly and easily 'faster in a flash.'"

The new drives are available now in 120GB ($230), 240GB ($480), and 480GB ($930) capacities.