OWC Launches 6Gb/sec Mercury Electra SSD: 60GB to 480GB

A 60GB solid state drive won't impress too many notebook users these days, but if you're looking for a speedy boot drive in your desktop (while relying on a sizable HDD for everything else), you don't need to sink a ton of money into a sizable SSD. 60GB will work just fine for that, thank you very much. OWC has a new option to consider, the Mercury Electra 6G. Priced at just $129.99, it's a SandForce-driven 6Gb/s 60GB SSD that uses Tier-1 (Grade A) NAND to deliver 556MB/s read and 523MB/s write sustained data rates for over 7X faster performance than a standard factory hard drive found in Mac and PC computers.

If that's too small for you, this same drive is offered in sizes as large as 480GB, offering over 500MB/s sustained data rates throughout. In addition to single drive use, it can be incorporated into a RAID 1 or SPAN configuration and is available for immediate ordering in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities. So, new boot drive, anyone?