Overdrawn At The Pixel Bank? Go E-mail Bankrupt

Inbox awash in unread messages? Find yourself clicking "Save As New" over and over thinking you'll write a more intelligent reply later, but "later" never seems to come? Do you have a Post-It note stuck to your screen to remind you to buy more Post-It notes? Are you the Haley Joel Osment of personal communication, because there are messages so old in your in-box they're from dead people now? If so, perhaps you should try "e-mail bankruptcy."

Those declaring bankruptcy are swearing off e-mail entirely or, more commonly, deleting all old messages and starting fresh.

E-mail overload gives many workers the sense that their work is never done, said senior analyst David Ferris, whose firm, Ferris Research, said there were 6 trillion business e-mails sent in 2006. "A lot of people like the feeling that they have everything done at the end of the day," he said. "They can't have it anymore."

So some say they're moving back to the telephone as their preferred means of communication.

"From here on out I am going back to voice communication as my primary mechanism for interacting with people," wrote Jeff Nolan, chief executive of the business software company Teqlo, in his blog announcing his e-mail boycott.

For one day at least, treat everybody like a Nigerian dignitary with a pile of cash they want to transfer to your bank account. No fair going through the trash bin after you press delete.
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