OurMine Briefly Hacks Sony Twitter And Facebook Accounts, Claims PSN Database Access

Hacker group OurMine claims to have hacked the official PlayStation Twitter and Facebook pages Sunday night. The group took credit for the hack and posted several messages to the social media accounts, which have now all now been deleted.

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Before the messages were deleted, they were copied for posterity. Playstationlifestyle.net reports that one of the messages read:

PlayStation Network Databases leaked #OurMine

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No, we aren’t going to share it, we are a security group, if you works at Playstation then please go to our website ourmine . org – > Contact

If you aren't familiar with OurMine, it is a security hacker group based in Saudi Arabia that has hijacked high-profile social media accounts in the past. Previous targets of the group included Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. PlayStation gamers who have been on the service for a long time might have been caught in the previous hacks Sony has endured.

The major hack was back in 2011 and was bad enough that Sony closed the entire PSN leaving somewhere in the area of 77 million folks unable to access it. Then in 2014 another ransomware hack affected Sony and reports indicated that it might cost Sony up to $100 million to clean up the aftermath of the hack. Later in 2014 another hack left the PSN down during the Christmas holiday. The upside to the current hack of PSN social media accounts is that OurMine is supposedly an "ethical" hacking collective.

This means that when the group attacks a target and breaches security it might post some embarrassing messages, but it does not sell or give away the information it steals. OurMine's official website says that not only will the group not share information it obtains, but that it will help the breached company, website, or social media account owner to secure their information from future attacks at no cost. 

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