Otellini Talks Anti-Trust In The EU

It's hard not to appreciate a CEO that comes across as direct as Intel's very own Paul Otellini.  Like him or not, even AMD fans have to give the man credit for being a straight shooter and calling a spade a spade, even if that means ruffling a few feathers.

It looks like the latest feathers to get ruffled a bit are those of the EU who have accused Intel of predatory pricing.  Mr. Otellini claims that the facts don't support that argument, but that's just the beginning of his side of the story.

“He adds that he finds statements by EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes about Europe's role in regulating "dominant" companies "very troubling. If they take that position with us, or Qualcomm (QCOM), or Microsoft (MSFT), which are all American, I might note, you wonder where they're going long-term.…They could redefine what 'success' means." Otellini says that if the Europeans do not broaden their case against Intel, "the worst case is to write a check." (Fines could be as high as $3.2 billion.)”

The alleged investigation focus on dominant companies from the U.S. could very well be a serious warning sign when it comes to political relations.  After all, what country wants to be tied to a foreign power they have strong political distaste for simply because said government let their own industry get hammered by imports?
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