Ostendo Demos Three Panel Surround Vision Gaming Geek Nirvana At CES

Though in years past, CES has been a bit of a let-down in terms of wow-factor for demonstrations of new products and technologies, this year's 2010 CES proved to be rather impressive in many ways.  There were lots of new break-throughs on display, from hand-helds to notebooks and of course gaming rigs of all kinds.  We'll have more coverage for you in the days ahead but we wanted to get this one punched up as soon as humanly possible, though our overworked and over-indulged bodies are still recovering from Vegas mayhem.  Regardless, early Friday morning, even before the caffeine kicked in, we spent some time with our friends from Ostendo in a live demo of their CRVD display technology.  If you're not familiar, Ostendo is primarily a technology-based development company with a strong focus on intellectual property assets but they productized their CRVD Display, initially as proof of concept vehicle.  Today they also manufacturer the panels for general public sale and many other applications in the simulation, training, broadcast, medical and financial markets to name just a few. 

The Ostendo CRVD display offers a 43" diagonal viewing area with a 32:10 aspect ratio that literally wraps around your field of view, capturing more of your peripheral vision, especially when multiple panels are chained together.

Though Ostendo CRVD panels have been around for a while now, in the upper press briefing rooms of AMD's spread at CES, Ostendo had married not one but three of their CRVD Curved Displays up with a proverbial bad-ass gaming system built in a Thermaltake Level 10 case.  Employing AMD Eyefinity technology with a Radeon HD 5870 graphics card pushing the pixels, the effect was completely "immersive" in the words of Ostendo Director of Marketing, Erhan Ercan.  We'd have to agree, hit the play below button and kick your feet up...

We tried our hands at the wheel as well of course.  While you're in the surround vision setup, your field of view, both ahead of you and as far as your peripheral vision can detect, is completely covered game scenery.  Also, it's not just a stretched view of course but because the actual field of view is 8640X900, you get to see more of the game scene content itself.  In Dirt 2, which is a DX11 title, the visuals were stunning.  Speaking of stunning, the gaming rig running the demo wasn't exactly hard on the eyes either.

AMD Eyefinity, dressed to kill in a Thermaltake Level 10, drove the three CRVD displays like butter.

Needless to say, if you're a hardcore gamer, this setup both from a system point of view and with the 129 inches of love that three Ostendo displays can deliver, is pretty much high-def geek porn.  Thanks to our friends at Ostendo for the opportunity to jones a bit.  These panels aren't cheap (as in silly expensive for the average user), but hey, you've got to have goals right?