Oscar Mayer Bacon Alarm Clock App Encourages You To Wake Up And Smell The Bacon

Bacon is over. Or at least, it’s over in the sense that whenever a pop culture Thing makes it up the ladder to the corporate world, it immediately stops being cool. Thus, the official Oscar Mayer Bacon Alarm Clock seems to indicate that the nation’s cult of bacon has run its course. (Or perhaps bacon worship has reached its zenith by allowing corporate America to not just participate, but further the religion?)

Oscar Mayer bacon alarm clock

What would a “bacon alarm clock” be, exactly? If you guessed an iPhone accessory and companion app that wakes you up with the sound and smell of bacon, you’d be right. The accessory spits out a mist infused with the scent of bacon. Here’s a ridiculous video that shows the device in action.

The (fictional but funny) Oscar Mayer Institute For The Advancement Of Bacon is behind the alarm clock. The actual (non-fictional but still funny) Oscar Mayer is promoting a contest that will award an actual bacon smell-emitting alarm clock to at least one lucky winner.

If you want to participate, here’s the contest entry form--that is, if you’re the sort of person who wants your bedroom to always smell like cooked bacon.