OS 10.5's Time Machine A Disgrace?

We're wondering when Microsoft is going to release a series of advertisements that poke fun at Apple's latest OS, much like Apple's anti-Vista media blitz that started almost a year ago.

The problem is that Apple was comparing an OS that had over a year of post-release patches/updates and bug-fixes and was trying to compare it to an ambitious release from Microsoft.  Let's not lose sight of the fact that OS 10.4 (a.k.a. Tiger) was the subject of many complaints and compatibility issues upon launch itself.  Now the tables have turned, and Vista is nearing the 1 year mark and Apple's Leopard is taking flak for many of its features not working or not working properly.

Key amongst these features is “Time Machine” which is one of key features in OS 10.5 (a.k.a. Leopard) according to sales/promotional material.  So how badly is “Time Machine” broken?  Other than missing its wireless backup function (300+ features minus 1), there are apparently numerous other issues:

“The complaints, which include stalled backups, invisible backup sets and drives that refused to work with the program when connected via FireWire, have drawn scores of posters and thousands of views.

Mihalik, who monitors the support forums for LaCie, has been active on several threads since the 26 October release of Leopard, responding to users who blamed their LaCie disk drives for Time Machine problems. Mihalik, who denied that his company's drives are at fault, instead blamed Apple."

We're waiting for the new Microsoft advertisements with bated breath.
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