Original Quake Remade In Unreal Engine Is An Unreally Good Tease

If you weren't hit with enough nostalgia earlier this month when an Unreal Engine master recreated the opening sequence of Unreal in UE4, here's your second chance. If you played first-person shooters in the mid-90s, there's little doubt that you loaded up id Software's Quake. It's a game that developed an instant following; and despite it beginning out with software-driven graphics, an OpenGL port was later released to the delight of anyone with a 3D accelerator.

Quake UE4

Quake wasn't just technologically impressive, though; it had a lot of other things going for it. The level design was largely fantastic, as was the atmosphere. Quake was the type of game that could genuinely scare the wits out of you when you least expected it, and it was simply awesome. Online? Don't get us started. It was well worth hogging our phone lines to experience those grenade launcher gib fests.

Well, your dose of nostalgia today comes from UE4 Architecture, which has recreated the classic E1M1 map in UE4. As you might suspect, it looks amazing:

UE4 Architecture notes that this project has no commercial intent, and that it's being worked on as time allows. There's no confirmation about whether this demo will be released to the public, or even if the group plans to continue development.

The fact that there is no commercial intent should mean that the group would be safe from id Software's legal hammers, but let's be real: what this kind of demo should actually accomplish is letting id Software know that there is some insane demand for a proper Quake remake. Even if the levels were kept the same, as well as everything else, and only the engine updated, it's a game that would probably sell quite well - especially if it was released with a multiplayer component. Do want!