Original Motorola Droid 2 Gets a Price Drop

Pat yourself on the back if you've been eyeballing Motorola's Droid 2 and managed to wait this long without upgrading your crusty old Razr (a respectable cell phone for its time). Your reward? Verizon has gone and snipped the price of the Droid 2, which now runs $150 with a 2-year contract (and after a $100 mail-in-rebate in the form of a debit card).

Apparently the price cut is meant to make way for the GSM-enhanced Droid 2 Global, which will eventually replace the original Droid 2. The Global version adds a few new features to the mix, including remote wipe of the device and SD card should you accidentally leave it behind in a bar, document editing with QuickOffice, Inbox filtering, the ability to invite attendees to meetings using GAL, multiple schedule handling, and of course GSM world roaming.

If all that weren't enough, the Droid 2 Global will likely ship with a 1.2GHz processor, making it one of the fastest Android phones on the market.

So what do you think, is the price cut enough to make you skip over the new Droid 2 Global and rock out with the original instead? Or would you rather pay a bit extra for the additional feature-set?