Origin PC Introduces Most Customizable 3D Laptop: EON15-3D

It's just a fact of life at this point: everyone's doing it, so Origin PC might as well do it as well. Of course, we're talking about 3D. It's the buzzword of the year (much like "HD" last year), and it's reaching into sectors that never dreamed of being touched by it just a few months ago. Origin PC has yet to produce a great many machines (they're got a pretty tight lineup as-is), but they're making an exception and expanding out with the addition of a new 3D machine.

The new machine is the EON15-3D, and it's basically just an EON15 notebook with a 3D flair. That means that you'll get a 3D panel, NVIDIA graphics and a 3D Vision kit with NVIDIA's active shutter 3D glasses. Origin calls this machine the "world's first customizable 3D gaming laptop," and it's certainly one of the only we can think of to offer users so many option while still offering 3D support.

As for specifications, the machine starts at $1653 and is available with Core i5 or Core i7 CPU choices, NVIDIA GeForce graphics, an optical drive of your choosing, plenty of HDD/SSD choices, a full-size keyboard with number pad, HDMI out, optical digital audio and a 15.6" LCD. There's nothing like building out your own machine from top to bottom, so head on over if you're interested in checking out what's probably the most powerful 3D notebook (if you customize it out) to date. Oh, and if you need a desktop instead, there's also the Genesis 3D PC, which comes equipped with a 3D LCD and all the hardware you need to see that "other" dimension.