Origin PC EON17-SLX Gaming Notebook Rocks Skylake CPUs, Dual GTX 980M GPUs

When a company comes along with a new product and says, "Forget raised. The bar has been destroyed.", they're giving it an incredible build-up that's easy to fall short of. With Origin PC's EON17-SLX, though, the company knows it has a good thing going. If you want high-end desktop performance in a notebook, this is it.

A single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics card is able to push today's hottest games at 1080p with high detail or 1440p with modest detail, but that's not enough power for Origin PC. Nope - this beaut of a notebook is able to accept either two of those fast 980M GPUs for SLI use, or a desktop GTX 980 for mobile which NVIDIA released a few months ago.

Origin PC Eon17 SLX Gaming Notebook

It might generate a bit more heat overall, but the SLI'd 980Ms would be the best bet for overall performance, as long as the games you're playing are SLI-friendly. Whichever route you take, though, a 1080p G-SYNC display is standard on the EON17-SLX. For this kind of horsepower, that's a rather modest resolution, but a sensible one given the physical size of the 17-inch display. This is a notebook that's definitely designed to be hooked up to an external monitor when you're chilling at home.

As you'd expect from Origin PC, this notebook can be heavily tweaked in many different areas. It supports up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, dual M.2 solid-state drives, dual 2.5-inch hard drives, and up to an Intel Core i7-6700K processor, clocked at 4.0GHz.

While many different choices could make the EON17-SLX a very, very expensive notebook, you don't have to slaughter your bank account to get something truly awe-inspiring. A dual 980M notebook with Intel's i7-6700K and 16GB of memory is priced at $3,300. If you want to spice up your notebook with a cool paint scheme, you can expect that to add upwards of $300.

Outside of its super-fast internal hardware, the EON17-SLX boasts some great-looking aesthetics, as well. Powerful, as well as beautiful. This thing is a winner.