Origin PC Adds 1080p 3D Screen And 4.8GHz CPU To EON17-S Laptop

Origin's EON line of gaming PCs was never a slow one. In fact, it was one of the most blazing lines around, with wicked customization options and a sky-is-the-limit vibe to it. Now, there's even more wow-factor packed in. The company has just upgraded the EON17-S with a 1080p 3D panel and overclocking options that push the CPU to 4.8GHz! Yes, that's from Origin, and yes, they'll honor their own warranty even with a chip pushed to the extreme.

Furthermore, the company's tossing in a built-in 3D emitter. So, let's recap: a near-5GHz CPU, 1080p 3D and a massive 17" shell. Shame the starting tag is still $1759, but you obviously get what you pay for.

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