Origin PC At CES 2018 Showcases MILLENIUM, GENESIS, And L-CLASS Killer Gaming PCs

There's no end to the marching at CES 2018, but sore legs and stiff backs are a small price to pay to see innovation like the guys at Origin PC have on tap.

Origin Millenium

We kicked off our tour of their suite with their newly redesigned MILLENIUM PC. The MILLENIUM's chassis features beautiful tempered glass panels on both sides, that swing open with ease thanks to a magnetic release - that's right, no fumbling with thumb screws here.

The front panel is constructed from the same milled aluminum that comprises the rest of the chassis which is to say it feels great and durable.

Origin Millenium Front panel
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Origin Millenium Desktop PC

Origin uses a now-patented system to allow mounting the motherboard in one of four different orientations to further customize setups for their customers. In their build here, they are showcasing a 90-degree rotated setup for better airflow and easier I/O port access. The chassis now offers tool-less access with the addition of thumbscrews for PCI cards. This chassis looks sleek and modern, and it only gets better.

Origin Genesis

Customers who demand the best cooling available have the option to upgrade to the GENESIS. The GENESIS configuration tacks onto the MILLENIUM chassis with a super tower expansion kit which allows users to spec out up to two additional 360mm radiators.

Origin L Class

We also had to take a look at Origin PC's L-CLASS tower which was also equipped with its own super tower expansion geared to support 12x 3.5-inch drives or 24x 2.5-inch drives.

L Class Storage Rack

Now you can backup every bit of gameplay footage you record without offloading to an unsightly NAS and the performance hits that go along with it.

Origin Chronos

That's not all Origin PC had hiding up in their suite though. They were also showcasing their size-minded CHRONOS (our review) and CHRONOS XL gaming PCs. These feature two way motherboard orientations in a small form-factor chassis. The CHRONOS can be outfitted with a single standard-sized GPU while the XL can sport dual SLI-d beasts like the Star Wars edition GeForce Titan's we see here.

Origin chronos star wars titan

Finally, Origin is shattering the image of boring and non-expandable All-In-One PC's by strapping full-sized gaming desktop components onto the back of a beautiful 34-inch 3440 x 1440 curved ultrawide display.

Origin Omni Front
Origin Omni Rear

As you can see, Origin PC's OMNI Gaming Desktop packs a full sized GTX 1080 Ti Founder's Edition and Intel Core i7 processor, mini-ITX motherboard, and all the other comforts we expect from building inside a standard gaming case, but all within a display we can mount on our wall. More on the way as we continue our coverage of CES 2018 in scenic Las Vegas Nevada.