Orders Speak Volumes: Amazon Launch Edition PlayStation 4 Page Sold Out, Xbox One Not So Much

For all the hullabaloo surrounding the respective launches of the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 (in which we’ve taken part), there was always going to be a time when sales numbers would tell the story. We’re not there yet by any means, but there is some indication that the PlayStation 4 might be leading its competition: Preorders for the PlayStation 4 (Launch Edition) are sold out on Amazon.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One (Day One Edition) remains available. Of course, we must take all of this with a grain of salt, because we don’t know how many units each company was readying for preorder, but Amazon shows the PS4 as a top seller ahead of the Xbox One, for what that’s worth.

Further, after years of waiting, console gamers get two premier systems to choose from. One would think that passionate gamers would have come out in droves to preorder their favorite one. It’s also worth noting that the Standard Edition of the PS4 remains available for preorder, too.

Still, it’s ammunition for Sony to brag that its new system sold out well before the competition did. Amazon will ship the PS4 ($399.99) on December 31st, while the Xbox One ($499.99) will ship a month earlier on November 30th. If the latter’s preorders haven’t sold out soon, Microsoft should probably start sweating.