Orb Networks Launches $10 Streaming App For iPhone And Android

Does physical media really have a future? The world seems to be rapidly moving away from discs and DVDs, and streaming media is swooping in to take their place. Orb Networks has just launched a service that can provide free streaming of premium online TV shows, sports, movies, and more.

The new offering, named Orb Live, is the first service to stream free, ad-supported Hulu to mobile devices and is priced at a one-time fee of only $9.99. The service features premium online content, including full TV show episodes from Hulu, ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and more, with unique technology that streams TV to mobile phones. Users can also watch a huge array of sports and movies via services such as Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand. Orb Live is intended to be a contender to Hulu Plus, HBO Go and the myriad other options out there, and at $9.99, the price is right in line with competitors.

The new version of Orb Live for the iPhone is available immediately, with planned availability for the Android in mid-August. To get started, consumers must download the free Orb Caster software from Orb.com to their PC or Mac and then download Orb Live from the AppStore or Android Marketplace. Orb Live requires Edge, 3G, 4G or a Wi-Fi network to stream media via OrbLive to a mobile phone.