Oracle’s Latest Java Patch Contains Huge Security Flaw Update of 50 Fixes

If our not-too-subtle hint a couple of weeks ago about the perils of having Java installed wasn't enough to convince you to uninstall, you should waste no time in heading on over to the official site and grabbing the latest version (7u13). When it comes to Java, the Swiss-cheese of the software world, it's important to snag updates whenever they're rolled-out - but this one is in a league of its own. Oracle managed to pack 50 fixes with this single update - the largest bulk of fixes ever seen in the software's history.

For those interested in getting into the nitty gritty of what's been patched up, you can head on over to this very in-depth advisory page. Given the number of holes and exploits Java remains susceptible to, however, we'd recommend everyone to consider whether or not they actually need it installed. It's not uncommon to have it installed when you don't actually need it, so if you establish that you don't, treat it like bad coffee and get it out of there.