Oracle Unveils New Hardware

It’s been a busy day for Oracle; at its OpenWorld conference, the company announced new hardware including the Oracle Big Data Appliance, Sun ZFS Storage Appliances, and Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine.

The Big Data Appliance is designed to handle--well, Big Data. Oracle describes the concept of Big Data thusly: “Weblogs, social media feeds, smart meters, sensors and other devices generate massive volumes of data (commonly defined as ‘Big Data’) that isn’t readily accessible in enterprise data warehouses and business intelligence applications today.”

The appliance is designed to help customers gather and make sense of Big Data and works in conjunction with other Oracle products, including the Exadata Database Machine, Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine, and Database 11g.

The newest generation of Sun ZFS Storage Appliances purportedly delivers twice the performance of Net App’s FAS 3270A at half the cost and features improvements to its Hybrid Storage Pool technology. Other features include InfiniBand technology and 15,000 RPM SAS-2 drives in capacities of 300GB and 600GB. The appliances integrate with Oracle Applications, Fusion Middleware, and Database.

Oracle’s Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine is built to run analytics fast--as in RAM fast--because it has in-memory software and hardware. The machine is comprised of a Sun Fire server with a terabyte of RAM and Intel’s 40-core Xeon E7-4800 processor, Oracle’s BI Foundation software, and the company’s TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics.
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