OQO Model 2 Running Leopard?

There are some people that mod and tinker just because they can, and they usually end up with really strange contraptions that leave us in awe.  The accomplishment of getting OS X Leopard running on a non-approved platform is amazing on its own, but getting it running on a tiny VIA-powered uMPC such as the OQO Model 2 is nothing less than legendary in our books:

While greeted with heaps of initial skepticism, forum jockeys over at OQO Talk now seem convinced that a junior member by the name of TRF has successfully hacked the OQO to run OS X Leopard. Adding a video filmed by Mr. Blurry Cam didn't hurt the cause.”

If this isn’t a hoax or sham, which it still could be, what is most amazing is that nearly everything works in Leopard.  After a two and a half minute boot, you’re greeted with working WiFi, sound, and even power management.  The only thing missing from this picture is the WWAN, which TRF is currently working on.
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