Option Reveals 4G LTE Module With Windows 8 Support

Look who else is getting into the LTE game, and with Windows 8 support in tow. Option, a company that already knows a thing or two about wireless tech, has just announced a new 4G LTE module, the GTM801 which is footprint compatible with the 3G LGA module, the GTM601. Option's embedded solutions provide flexible alternatives: manufacturers can design tablets or ultra-portable notebooks using the same layout to offer either 3G with the GTM601 or 4G LTE with the GTM801 to meet diverse market needs. Both modules are designed to support Windows 8 and the USB-IF Mobile Broadband Interface (MBIM) specification. The GTM801 is designed around Qualcomm's Gobi 4G LTE chipset, the MDM9215TM. Option has a long-standing relationship with Qualcomm and uses Gobi chipsets across its entire module portfolio.

"Option continues to provide leadership by delivering a connectivity portfolio that is flexible, scalable and footprint compatible," said Bernard Schaballie, General Manager Embedded Solutions at Option. "Option connectivity solutions are able to support next generation operating systems and networks by using cutting edge chipset technology from Qualcomm."

"We are enthusiastic to see Option providing innovative, thin solutions for mobile devices ," said Fram Akiki, senior director, product management at Qualcomm. "Our Qualcomm Gobi 3G and 4G LTE chipsets enable connectivity for a broad range of devices."

Nothing firm has been said, but we're guessing that Option wouldn't design this without having a Windows 8, LTE-equipped tablet in mind. Now, which company is looking to be first out of the gate with that kind of gear?